Here’s how we reached 3 million people through dance

We are constantly doing campaigns through Creeds social media network with 130m+ Instagram community. As we are rolling out different campaigns each week we thought we’d share some of the insights with you to keep you in the loop with what we are doing.

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Most recently is a campaign that we did with Dance Goals where the goal of the campaign was to raise awareness and boost the song “Tudo Bom” by Static & Ben El worldwide. The challenge with dance campaigns are always to find the creative approach that makes you stand out from what the community is currently doing, as the dance niche is growing to be bigger and more saturated in terms of content each and every day.

Since we have the largest dance community in the world and have direct access to the data from our own accounts and our connected dancer’s accounts, we always build the campaigns starting from what we already know.

The strategy of the campaign was to create awareness within the dance community through original choreography, strategic posting, micro, and macro influencer activations. In the case of “Tudo Bom” which can be categorized as being a Latin-pop song, we knew that the content that performs the best in that genre are quick-cut videos with a female dancer in the center performing usually in an outdoors or social setting.

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After going over the dancers in our network we decided to build the campaign together with @Defloresyjazmines to launch the campaign and for @justmaiko to join in later, making it look like “dance culture” has picked up the song as something “current”. The video we did together with @Defloresyjazmines was to make it feel like a global collaboration and therefor included another dancer, @Narelajuarez, who’s based out of China. The video was had an intense and energetic choreography in a setting making it feel intimate and relatable as well as giving it a community vibe. When the video had been posted we then redistributed the video onto our own flagship account Dance Goals which eventually lead to the video being organically reposted by other tastemaker pages within the dance niche one of which being @dancers_production_.

This 5 day campaign generated more than 3 million impressions for the cost of what would usually not let you reach more than 700 000 users. We are pretty pleased, to say the least.

You can see the main video we created here: