In todays digital environment it’s more important than ever to use social media to make the audience hardcore fans of your brand. Nowadays people will not be fans of brands if their Instagram following is below 1000 (who wants to eat at an empty restaurant?).

With Björn Borg we are growing their Instagram account with min. 5000 new followers each month, through organic activities with the followers being fitness and fashion enthusiasts and without any kind of fake followers or bots. We don’t need that stuff.

Through our media network of fitness accounts we’ve been able to cross-promote Björn Borgs profile and promote it to hit the monthly goal.


The challenge for us was to drive enough of the right traffic to Björn Borgs Instagram page for people to follow and interact with the content. When doing promotions it’s always more effective to have the account on private to build more buzz, but in this case we were not able to do so.


We built out a network of fitness and fashion accounts with millions of followers, on a daily basis we cross promote the @bjornborg accounts from all our other accounts.


Since the start Björn Borg as gained over 15k new followers and are gaining 5k on a monthly basis.